Saturday, March 24, 2007

Well Thank the Lord and Pass the Peas

Zipper is fine. Has a few holes in him and took an irrational (and rare) dislike to the vet's new receptionist, but his kidney and liver levels are fine. I'd also like to thank whatever higher diety there is that this vet has her own bloodwork machine--I was able to get results in a half hour.

The vet tech at my new vet is, um, interesting. Out here in the boonies (i.e., so way not California) we don't see tons of heavily tattoed people in everyday life. Bars, yes. Bikers, yes. Gas stations, yes. Vet tech with flames running up his arm, a thin goatee, and big bolts in his ears? Hmmmm. That's a bit startling.

First time I saw him I'm sure I gaped a bit. But here's the thing. He's got a great hand with the dogs and Zipper adores him. All the dogs do. So here's to tattooes!

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