Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I think I must be insane

Here I am, mostly too busy to think, and I decided to start a blog. Now mind you, I've started blogs before and gotten pretty much nowhere. So this could be a repeat of the same!

Mostly this is a place for me to talk about dog stuff, Min Pin stuff, and the little red rat himself. Why name it the Pink Pin? Figure it out.

Fair warning. I cuss sometimes. And I'm blunt. Sometimes too blunt. I have a rather boring tendency to lecture, pontificate, and generally come across as a know-it-all though I don't mean to. I also gush embarrassingly about my dogs, and you'll have to listen to Doberman stuff on top of Pin stuff. Oh the torture!

I'm sure I'll gracelessly blunder around a lot in the Min Pin world. I've been a dobe person for the last 25 years and we tend to pretty much run over anything that's in our way at the best of times. I'm stepping into the Min Pin world with no knowledge of any of the inside politics, who is who, what should never-be-said, and who has a deathless hate for what other breeder because of some slight over 20 years ago. Okay, maybe that's just the Dobe people! Boy, in that club things can get ugly in a hurry.

So to all my future enemies, let me just say "I'm sorry, I didn't know" right in advance. Get it out of the way. I honestly never mean to hurt anybody's feelings or get myself in trouble, it just sort of happens sometimes.

As for the little red guy, well he thinks he's a Doberman too.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT! I busted out laughing reading all the stories you wrote! Too true...all of them! And about one person/persons hating another person/persons is dead on the mark I think in ANY breed or animal that you compete with! It's only natural...LOL! Nice start to your magazine! Debs - Just1More Min Pin

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