Thursday, March 26, 2009

Where the heck am I???

Pea soup fog this morning, and I got lost on the way down from the hotel to the arena, almost ended up back in Charlotte. But I did get a tiny glimpse of Lowe's Motor Speedway, basically a wall looming out of the fog.

The display is setup and ready for tomorrow and looks good. The arenas are getting groomed and prepped. No exhibitor checkin until 3:00 this afternoon, then the real deal starts tomorrow. There's already a sense of excitement and electricity.


Karen said...

Thanks for blogging! I will definitely check in daily. My daughter Kate Moureaux is there as well as other friends and it's great to get an idea of what's going on :-)

Karen Moureaux

Anonymous said...

Loved the OFA picture - especially because it is a larger than life . . . .SPRINGER!

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