Sunday, April 15, 2007

I'd forget my head, part duh

If you look at my other postings, you'll find a blog where I lamented how stupid I am because a couple of weeks ago I apparently put my dog in my car but not in his crate. Coming out from dinner with friends, I found him happily nosing about in the mess of coats, dogbeds, treats and toys in the well of the van. I seriously worried about my sanity and absentmindedness. How could I lift a dog into the van, put water in his crate, and latch it and drive off without the dog actually in the crate?

Well tonight it happened again! I took the dogs for a run then loaded everyone back up and went to dinner. This time I looked at the little shit to make sure I'd remembered to put him in his crate. There he was, curled up sleeping. After a nice dinner I got back out to the car, unlocked it, and there was Zipper, happily playing in the heap of toys he'd pulled out of the training bag and most certainly NOT in his still-latched crate!

WTF? I mean, how on earth is this dog getting out of his crate and relatching it????

Then I figured it out. This little wire crate has a top hatch. And darn if it wasn't unlatched. He's waiting until I'm gone, and popping out the top of the crate like a Jack-in-the-box.

He had taken out only his favoritest toys--both rabbit skins, both racoon tails, the rabbit fur tug. He was so proud.

Back in the crate he went, and I latched the top too. NOW let's see if the little snot can get out.

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